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My name is Bill Taylor, and I'm operator of Amateur Radio station K8TBW.

My first callsign was K5JLK . I have been a amateur radio operator since 1954. The callsigns K5JLK and K8TBW were issued to me by The Federal Communications Commision.

Modes of communicating I have used : AMTOR, CLOVER, CW, PACTOR , PSK31 , RTTY , SSB, and VHF PACKET

I've made many QSO's over the years with "ham radio" operators all over the world.

I've had the opportunity to personally meet many hams and become friends with them. One Friend from Belgium (ON4VS) has visited my shack 3 times.

Ham Radio became my "Dream Hobby"and I discovered that everyday was a learning experience for me.

I built some of my own "Rigs", including many Linear Amplifiers. Also a Full-size 4-element 20 Meter Beam, 3-element 15 Meter Quad, 70Ft windmill Tower, and 60Ft. Crank-up Tower.

Several years ago I was QSL Manager for: DJ5JI, ON4TC, ON4VS, SM6AYC, YJ8TT, and ZS6BAD.

My XYL Gerry (who became a Silent-key Nov.1, 2007) and I have (2) grown "kids" (Bill Jr., and Sherry. We have (4) Grand-children (Jason , Eric , Ashley, and Chris) and 8 Great-Grand children.

I am 85 years old, and I retired in 1991 from Autolite spark plug plant in Fostoria, Ohio after working there 30 years.

I now live in Fremont, Ohio (Sandusky county) which is located approx 55 miles South East of Toledo, 120 miles West of Cleveland, 100 miles North of Dayton.


Antenna: 160-10 Meter End Fed up 45 Ft.

(SSB) Kenwood TS-590SG - MFJ-998 - ALS-600 - WM-2000A

Dell Inspiron 3647 with Windows 7

Software: HRD + DM780

Astron VS-35M


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